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guys i’m going to try to tell you about the fucked up nap dream i had today

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default album art
Song: michAEEELLL
Artist: team nice dynamite
Played: 2,858 times.


"licking this car was the worst thing we ever did" (x)

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sierra xoxo


shut eye - stealing sheep

if you don’t cry - the magnetic fields

earth - imogen heap

resolution - jon brion

riga girls - the weepies

all i know - washed out

LISTEN i cried this is perfect i love you

shut eye is my new jam wow thank you

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snapchat should be taken away from boys with nice hair who know exactly what they are doing

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Celebrating all the iconic looks Beyonce’s ‘B’Day Anthology Video Album gave us #blessed

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Midnight memories the one direction album



Midnight Memories for the signs:

Aries: Midnight Memories

Taurus: Something Great

Gemini: Don’t Forget Where You Belong

Cancer: Strong

Leo: Story Of My Life

Virgo: Through The Dark

Libra: You & I

Scorpio: Little White Lies

Sagittarius: Alive

Capricorn: Happily

Aquarius: Right Now

Pisces: Best Song Ever

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happy easter

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that moment when u find out ur internet friends are CUTIES OH MY GOD!!!!!!!

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achilles owning a shirt that says ‘if lost return to patroclus’ and patroclus owning the ‘i am patroclus’ shirt

i love those shirts because alone they make no sense. You’re patroclus ? good for you man.

It keeps people from thinking he’s Achilles and murdering him

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Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer - Nu Mode Magazine photoshoot (x)

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